Legends of chess

Dedicated to outstanding chess players and trainers

Memorial of Liudmila Belavenets.

Tournament rules

An open youth tournament in hybrid format in 2 sections

Goal of the tournament:

The aim of the tournament is to keep alive the memory of our dear colleague, FIDE Senior Trainer Liudmila Sergeevna Belavenets (1940-2021). It is planned that the tournament will become an annual one, open to all chess schools. The first tournament is a pilot project, limited to some chess schools invited by the organising Committee.


FIDE Endorsed Academy „Jussupow Schachschule“, Germany in cooperation with Armenian chess school and chess school „Gostinaya Dvorkovicha“ Moscow.

1. Participation

● Section A – open for players U11/ U1500

● Section B – open for players U18/ U1800

● Each School can register only one player per section without a FIDE Standard rating

● Each School requires one Team Representative per Venue

● Each Venue is the responsibility of one Local Organiser

○ Typically the Local Organiser will also be a Team Representative

● Team Representatives must attend the technical meeting and be available as the contact point for all communication during the event

2. Registration

● Registration are made by chess schools completing the special registration form and sending it to artur.jussupow@gmail.com

● The players are registered and ranked by their FIDE standard rating

● At the time of registration all players must have a FIDE ID

● Deadline for registrations is 12. 02. 2022

3. System of play

● FIDE Online Chess regulations Part III b: Regulations for Hybrid Chess Competitions apply

● Both sections shall be conducted as 7-round individual Swiss tournaments. Both sections will be rated for FIDE Standard rating.

● Rate of play: 60 minutes for a game per player + 30 second increment per move

● Default time: 30 min after the start of each round

● Separate prizes will be awarded for boys and girls

● A player may take a half-point bye in any selected round

○ Half-point bye is only allowed once during the tournament, and must be requested before the end of the first round.

○ Players should announce their intention to the Local Chief Arbiter, who then will inform the Chief Arbiter.

● Further exceptions from a round are possible with 0 point bye

● Tiebreaks are:

○ Buchholz Cut 1

○ Buchholz

○ The greater number of wins

○ The greater number of games played with Black

○ Sonneborn-Berger

4. Schedule

Event Date Time (CET, UTC +1) Note

Technical meeting & Venue checking

19. 2. 15:00 All Team Representatives, Local Organisers and Arbiters

Practice Event 20. 2. 15:00 All players

Opening Ceremony 25. 2. 15:00 Online

Round 1 25. 2. 16:00 - 19:00

Round 2 26. 2. 10:00 - 13:00

Round 3 26. 2. 15:00 - 18:00

Round 4 27. 2. 10:00 - 13:00

Round 5 27. 2. 15:00 - 18:00

Round 6 28. 2. 10:00 - 13:00

Round 7 28. 2. 15:00 - 18:00

Closing Ceremony 1. 3. 16:00 Online

5. Tournament Officials

● Tournament Director: Artur Jussupow artur.jussupow@gmail.com

● Chief Arbiter: IA Jirina Prokopova jirina@tornelo.com

● Local Arbiters

○ At least two arbiters will be appointed for each playing Venue.

■ Local Chief Arbiter (LCA)

■ Local Technical Assistant (LTA)

○ Local Arbiters report to the Chief Arbiter and are a part of the Arbiters team.

○ Local Technical Assistant is responsible for Venue’s internet connection and overall technical support at the Venue.

○ All Local Chief Arbiters must be FIDE licensed.

○ Local Arbiters should be able to communicate in English.

● Local Organisers

○ The Local Organiser may represent a Chess school or multiple schools sharing the same Venue.

○ The Local Organiser will appoint the Local Arbiters in the Venues and cover their costs and other venue expenses.

● Organising Committee: FST and Grandmasters Smbat Lputian, Sergey Dolmatov, Artur Jussupow

6. Venues

● All players must compete from an approved playing Venue

● The tournament will be played through Tornelo online platform

● Requirements for playing Venues:

○ All Venues are required to get an approval during the Venue checking.

○ A ‘playing Venue’ includes the ‘playing area’, restrooms and refreshment area.

○ Venues shall be spacious enough for appropriate number of players with sufficient lighting.

○ Players are allowed to use their own playing devices (ie. PC or laptop).

○ Local Arbiters are responsible for inspection of playing devices before the start of the play.

○ Stable high-speed internet connection is required in each Venue.

○ Cameras shall be installed to cover the entire Venue and the video feed shall be shared in a Zoom meeting with the Chief Arbiter.

○ Local Arbiters are responsible for inspections of players upon entry and have to organise their Venue accordingly.

○ Setting up a storage area for player’s belongings and electronic devices is recommended.

7. Fair Play rules

● In each playing Venue, the Fair Play measures shall be applied according to FIDE Online Chess Regulations (incl. FIDE AntiCheating Regulations and FIDE Anti-Cheating Protection Measures)

● By entering into the tournament each player accepts described Fair Play rules as a condition of entry in a voluntary sports event and agrees that his/her participation is a subject to these Fair Play rules

● Chief Arbiter is in charge of overseeing the Fair Play rules of the tournament and making decisions related to violation of the Fair Play rules

○ All the results and standings are provisional until the Chief Arbiter approves them.

○ Chief Arbiter has the right to disqualify a player from the tournament on the grounds of suspicion of a Fair Play violation.

○ Disqualified players are forbidden to continue participating in any stage of the event and are not eligible for any prizes or titles.

○ All the points won by such players may be subsequently awarded to their opponents.

● General Fair Play rules

○ All games will be put through a fair play verification process involving statistical correlation analysis by the tools of Tornelo platform.

○ No electronic devices (tablets, mobile phones, smart watches etc.) other than approved playing devices are allowed in the playing Venues.

○ Only players and arbiters are allowed to access the Venue, without the permission of the the Local Chief Arbiter.

○ Players are allowed to move only to areas which are monitored by Venue cameras and rest rooms.

● In any round the Chief Arbiter may require one, or more, individual players to play their games under close supervision

○ All players should be prepared, if called upon, to join a Zoom Meeting with the Chief Arbiter in order to share their playing devicescreen and a face-camera during any game.

○ Players should use a playing device, or the venue has a device available, which is capable of running Zoom with camera and screen share.

8. Additional rules

● In the event of server failure or malfunction during the course of the tournament the Chief Arbiter will take appropriate action. In the case of all player’s disconnection at a Venue during a round, the responsible Venue has to immediately inform the Chief Arbiter, who will take appropriate action.

● All decisions (including Fair Play decisions) of the Chief Arbiter are final and can not be appealed

● The Organiser has no responsibility for technical problems arising during the games at playing Venues

● The Organiser has the right to change the schedule, update the regulations or decide for any matter that is not mentioned in the current regulations

● Players are allowed to use a traditional chess sets to reproduce the moves played on the virtual board (virtual board remains the definitive record of the game)

● Players are recommended to use the Move confirmation option on Tornelo Platform, however it may be enabled or disabled at any time


● Prizes will be awarded for both sections A & B, separate for boys and girls

● 1st prize: a voucher for the purchase of chess e-books worth 200 euros

● 2nd prize: a voucher for the purchase of chess e-books worth 150 euros

● 3rd prize: a voucher for the purchase of chess e-books worth 100 euros

● Special prizes - Best boy and girl U9: a voucher for the purchase of chess e-books worth 50 euros