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Last news:

The tournament is over. Congratualation to the winners:

Gruppe C:

1. Balci, Kuzey-Mete (MSA Zugzwang) 6 points form 6!

2. Sheng, Ming (SC Saarlouis) 4,5 points.


3.Sensoy, Emir (MSA Zugzwang) 4 points.

Special prizes for the best result of girls won by
Grunert, Greta (SK München Südost) - 3 points

and Wachtel, Alexandra (SF Augsburg) 3 points.

All results are here .

Gruppe B:

1. Maletic, Darko (SV Friedrichshafen) 5 points from 6

2. Zhang, Yibo (SV Stuttgart-Wolfbusch) 4,5 points

3.Kanno, Clara Yumi (SV Altenkirchen) 3 points.

Gruppe A:

1. Stöttner, Lukas (SK Landau-Dingolfing) 2,5 points from 4 games,

2. Cordes, Jule (NED) 2 points,

3. Stöttner Moritz (SK Landau - Dingolfing) 2 points