Legends of chess

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A review of the first round.

The first round started peacefully and ended in a bloodbath.
The games Khenkin-Baenziger und Gaehwiler-Vaisser were totally evenly matched and ended in a draw. But the remaining games of the round followed a different scenario. In them black did not manage to fully equalise the chances and, having fallen under pressure, the black players could not hold their positions.

Koelle - Heinemann (Position after 29. Qg5)

Josefine chose the wrong way to attack the white queen.


Correct was 23...f6 24.Qg3 Bf7 with playable position.

24.Qd8+ Nf8 (24...Qf8? 25.Nxe6+-) 25.Nxd5 Bxd5 27.Qxd5 and Black doesn't have any compensation for an extra pawn.

Weishaeutel - Halkias (Position after 36.Kf3)

Black is on the verge of building a fortress, but in the time trouble he allows a decisive improvement of the white position:

36...Rd2?! (36...Rc2!) 37.Bc4 Rc2?! (37...Kg6  38. Be2 Ra2 was better) 38.Be2! Rb2? (38...Ra2 is stronger) 39. Ra1! Ba5 40 Rc1 Kg6 (40...f4!?) 41.Rc6+ f6 42.Rc5 Be1 43.a5+-.

White won on the move 78!

Krasenkow - Fecker (Position after 26...Rfd8?)

27.e4!! Breaking through enemy defenses. 27...fxe4 (27.dxe4 28.Rxc4+-) 28.Bxe4 White is clearly better after this move, but even stronger was 28.Bh3! Rxd6 29.exd6 Qxd6 (or 29...Qf6 30.d7 Rd8 31.Bxe6!+-) 30.b3! Ba6 31.Ra1! Bb7 32.Rxa7 Rc7 33.Bxe6!! Qxe6 34.Qxg5+-.

28...Kh8? (28...h6 was more stubborn) 29.Bb1 (29.Bf3!) Rxd6? (Last mistake in time trouble. 29...Bb5 was better)

30.ed6 Qxd6

Black probably missed the following taktiks:

31.b3! Ba6 32.Rxc8 Bxc8 33.Qc3+, winning a piece.