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A review of the 5th round.

The round was hard-fought, the two winning games were the consequences of gross tactical errors.

Vaisser - Fecker (Position after 25.Rxc1)

Only move was 25...Kh8. After 26.e5 the position looks better for White, who wants to unpin the knight c6 with Qc3-f3 and Rc3 (or even Qc5-d6), but Black can strongly improve his position by bringing his rook to d5 starting with 26...Rf7!=.

25...fxe4?? Losing both tactically and positionly. 26.h3 

Tactical refutation is  26. Ne7+! Qxe7 27.Qxc8 Rxc8 28.Rxc8+ Kf7 29.Rc7+-.

e3 (26...Kh8 27.Qxe4+-) 27.Ne7+ (Still works) Qxe7 28.Wxc8 e2 29.Qc6 Rf1+ 30.Kh2 Qf8? 31.Qxe6+ Kh8 32.Rc8+ 1-0

Gaehwiler - Weishaeutel (Position after 18...a5)

In an equal position White blunders a piece.

19. Rc4?? (19.Be4=) Bxc5 20. Nxc5 (20.Rxc5 Bxd3-+) Ne5 0-1.

This win helped Moritz to regain the lead (together with Tobias Koelle) with 3,5 points from 5 games. Half a point behind in shared third place are the grandmasters Michal Krasenkow.and Igor Khenkin.