Legends of chess

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A review of the third round.

The 3rd round of the tournament followed a similar scenario as the previous ones: the white players tried to break through the opponent's defence. As a result, Grandmaster Khenkin was able to do so, outplaying Noah Fecker in the endgame.

All black pawns are on white squares! After 29...Bd7?! white won without problems. More persistent was 29...Kd8, trying to protect weak black squares at once.

30.Kg3! Kd8 31.Kh4 Ke8 (Putting his last piece on white square and showing good sence of humour) 32.Kg5 Ke7

33.f5! (The pawn ending is easily won.) exf5 34.gxf5 Bxf5 35.Bxf5 gxf5 36.Kxf5 b6 37.d4 a5 38.bxa5 bxa5 39.b3+-. Black has resigned.

A second win of the day was achieved by Moritz Weishaeutel against Josefine Heinemann in an objectively drawish endgame with bishops of opposite colours.

Here 50...Be3 was an easy fortress. Instead Black carelessly gave up his good pawn e6, creating some holes in defence.

50...Kg7?? 51.Bxe6 h6 52.Bc4 Bg1 53.Kg4 Kf6 54.Kf4 Bf2 55.Ke4 Ke7 56.Kf5 Bg1 57.Kg6 Be3 58.h4 (Putting Black in Zugzwang) Kf8 59.b6! Bxb6 60.Kxh6+-.

Moritz Weishaeutel is leading the tournament by half a point, ahead of Igor Khenkin and Tobias Koelle.